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This is the portal for Zion Tech Group's Human Resources department. We believe in creating solid and valuable connections between our customers and our employees all throughout the globe, thus we do not work solely recruiting, but constructing citizens of the world.


As an international company for IT solutions, Zion Tech Group is confident of the importance technology has in linking the right people to the right opportunities and our Human Resources department has specialized on it. By becoming one of our partners, you will be joining a company that knows your worth.

We are always scanning through all the sources and social media for the best suitable candidates all over the globe. Whenever we have a demand, our qualified group of Headhunters is ready to find anyone, anywhere and at anytime.

Zion Tech Group is proud of its professional and competent team of employees. All of our Field Engineers are carefully selected by our Human Resources department. Through the opportunities we share, we are able to create partnerships that are of extreme value to our company.

Our partners are everywhere! By becoming one of our collaborators, you will be joining a company that is literally spread through the six continents.


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We are all over the world and we want to take your career to the next level!

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